'Greenish Mona Lisa' for 'Performance Anxiety', curated by Kate Neave (2023)
'Girls in Nova Tokyo' for World of Women Artfest (2023)
'Bright Girls' for 'Japanese Contemporary', curated by Bright Moments (2023)
'We Are Friends' for 'Friendly Integration', curated by Kero (2023)
'スーパースター' for 'Super Star', curated by Nygilia (2023)
'ɠlaciers' with hypereikon (2023)
'Transcendence' for Daniel Kantor (2023)
'Compact magical bugs / マジカルバグスコンパクト' with Riniifish (2022)
'Sonata' for OpenLab x TokenTraxx 'NEW MYCELIUM NETWORK', curated by Kate Neave (2022)
NFTs for Refraction DAO (2022)
'Harmonies' curated by  Braw Haus (2022)
'Emotions of Red Rose' for 'FLOWER GANG', curated by Anna Condo (2022)
NFTs for 'PIXELBLOOM', curated by ARTECHOUSE (2022)