Saeko Ehara is a Kirakira (sparkling) artist and VJ based in Tokyo. Since she graduated from KABK in Den Haag (NL) in 2010, she especially has worked on making visuals and doing operations for concerts in the entertainment world. She mainly works at the arenas, concert halls and live houses throughout Japan. She started making and presenting artworks again because of her study for creative coding at the Digital Hollywood to improve her career.
Her works mainly represent Kirakira motifs such as jewels and flowers. In her latest works, she gets inspired by the Japanese Anime, which she watched when she was a kid and also uses images by AI.
Her inspiration comes from memories and joys of her childhood. She was into drawing, collecting Kirakira cards of her favorite Anime, stickers, toys, acrylic jewels, small glassworks and reading illustrated books of flowers. She was so enthusiastic that she always forgot the time passed when she did her favorite things.
She keeps learning and exploring the expressions of Kirakira with multiple software. Through her works, she would love to make the world full of Kirakira and joy.
UI/UXD, Digital Hollywood, Tokyo (JP), scholarship student
CV for art
Performance Anxiety - Part II curated Kate Neave, verse, online exhibition
12 - 14 April
12 March
AI Internet Yami-Ichi, Hodler Gallery, Miami (US), selected exhibition
2 March
Refraction x HNT Labs show at The Black Box, curated by Dina Chang and Malcolm Levy, Denver (US), selected exhibition
27 February
Talk and workshop at Konan Women's University, Kobe (JP)
25 - 28 February
23 - 26 February
Project 22, Immersive Experience, Digital & New Media Art Exhibition, Art In Space, Dubai (AE), selected exhibition
10 February
Senza Fina, ArtsDistrict Brooklyn, New York (US), selected exhibition
25 January
20 January
Project 22, The Opus by Zaha Hadid, Dubai (AE), selected exhibition
23 - 27 December
13 - 14 December
11 December
Right Click Live, Digital Garage Shibuya, Tokyo (JP), NFT talk
26 - 27 November
11 - 13 November
3 - 19 November
2 November
31 October - 27 November
'Japansylvania' curated by Brittany Kurtinecz and Molly Goehring, VR exhibition on Sansar  
22 October
20 October
27 September - 8 October
23 - 25 September
22 - 25 June
'women of the world' curated by Studio As We Are, Nowhere Gallery NYC, New York (US), selected exhibition and metaverse exhibition
22 June
11 June
26 May
24 March
21 - 22 March
Braw Haus x PolyOne special event, Citadel of Erbil (UNESCO World Heritage), Erbil (IQ), NFT event and projection
7 March - 5 June
PIXELBLOOM NFT on-site sale, ARTECHOUSE DC, Washington, D.C. (US), online special sale
12 March
12 March
14 - 28 February
29 January
19 January
13 November
31 August – 6 September
4 July - 15 August
Die Fülle der Leere, KUNSTRAUM OKTOGON, Bern (CH), selected exhibition
4 January – 22 February
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